1. NEWS Ascher Racing Dashboards 4 & 5 inch Launch

    We are happy to inform you about the launch of the Ascher Racing Dashboards 4 and 5 inch...

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  2. NEWS Sales start Ascher Racing F64 USB V3 & Clutch Paddles Gen4

    Today we are pleased to present the successor to our F64-USB, the new F64-USB V3, as well as our new Clutch Paddles Gen 4. We would...

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  3. The new Ascher Racing B24L-SC & B24M-SC

    Your Gadget for the Pole Position:

    our new Ascher Racing Button Plates B24L-SC and B24M-SC


    Featuring 24 configurable inputs our new Simucube-2 compatible Ascher Racing Button Plates B24M-SC and B24L-SC include eight push-buttons, two...

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